Alternative Uses for Magazine Racks

Jan 4th

Magazine racks do more than celebrate magazines. To use the wall space in the kitchen, to organize your tools, or even as a container garden. A coat of paint and a little creative thinking can turn old magazines in racks of accessories for home and garden charming and functional.

Wooden Magazine Racks
Wooden Magazine Racks

Bathroom, Magazine racks are ideal for adding a little extra storage space in the bathroom. If you prefer a brighter look, go with semi-gloss or glossy or end of the clear coat paint. Mount the shelf on the wall near the shower to keep bottles of shampoo and bath gel to reach and out of the shower floor.

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Food storage, if you don’t have room for a fruit bowl, rides a magazine racks on the wall to keep bananas, apples and counter organized and oranges. You can also use a shelf to store potatoes in the garage or basement. According to the potato Pro, a news service based on Web for the potato industry, potatoes are best stored in perforated plastic bags in a dark and cool room, not on the counter, refrigerator or under the sink. A magazine rack easily holds one or two bags of potatoes, enough air circulation to prevent rot and keep them out of the garage floor. Riding a rack on a kitchen wall to display bottles of oil, vinegar and spices.