Changing Table Topper Ideas

Feb 13th

Changing table topper – Dresser Changing Table, An inexpensive way to add a second dresser to your home to take a suitable height dresser and convert into a changing table. If it is a parent dresser, it can be finished and painted to match the case of the space. Then, you just need to buy a padded changing table topper that will sit right on top of the dresser. Some are available that can be attached to the cabinet and are provided with upright edges for the security of your baby. You can then use the drawers in the dresser to changing supplies and everything you need to keep handy saved for your baby.

Changing mats. Another alternative is that you can simply use a diaper changing mat every time you change your baby’s diapers, so changing table topper does not get dirty easily. These changing mats are quite inexpensive, and they can be brought together almost anywhere because they can be folded and stowed away.

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Do it yourself. If you have time, you can also create your own changing table topper. You can use the existing Topper as a pattern for cutting fabric and sewing the fabric as if it was a slip cover. You can then slide the old pad into the fabric you cut out, and your topper is good as new. As with any baby accessories, you can expect changing table toppers to not have a very long life. You do not necessarily need to replace the whole. Just look for a replacement Topper or make one yourself and you have a changing table, which is good as new.