Cherry Dresser: Modern or Classic?

Feb 2nd

Cherry dresser was that bulky, heavy furniture, usually dark wood, used to store dinnerware and other tableware. Today, renovated, smaller and lighter. The dressers come back to invade the whole house with designs that come out of the molds and cover all styles. In addition, this flirty low furniture has left the dining room to conquer other areas of the house. Especially the entrance, but also the bathroom or lounge area.

Twenty-first century cherry dresser no longer only keep the great-grandmother’s porcelain china cups. They also dare with disks and DVDs, umbrellas, towels, magazines. And also all those objects that do not always have a specific space. And that are stored behind the doors of This unique piece of furniture. Teak wood, with rustic style. The furniture follows the wake of the old dressers. But renewing the line and bringing new elements typical of our time, for example, recycling.

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Cherry dresser only suitable for people ordered as if it were a showcase. This piece of furniture shows everything that we keep inside. Surrounded by a wooden frame, this dresser of modern but simple lines is ideal to combine, for example, wooden dresser with a mirror. Very suitable for living rooms, as well as hallways wide, this dresser gives a sober but refined point where we locate any stay.