Distressed Kitchen Cabinets In White

Feb 2nd

Distressed Kitchen Cabinets – First wipe the cabinet with a soft sponge to remove cobwebs and dust. Gently wash it with soap and water, if any dirt remains. Let it dry completely. Second add signs of distress, using a piece of fine sandpaper. Focus on sanding the edges and areas near the front door for an authentic look. This process removes part of the old paint and give it effect century. Use a lint-free cloth or sponge to remove any dust paint when finished. Third paint shellac white cabinet for the protection of wood using a brush. A thin layer is sufficient. Make sure colorless covers an area that has been sanded.

Fourth apply crackle medium with smooth, even brush strokes. Generally, for giving white furniture, a thin layer of glaze enough. Thin layer to generate fine cracks, while thicker layers will result in larger cracks in the paint. Let enamel dry for one hour. Last paint the entire surface of his cabinet with white paint and a brush. Is used in the opposite direction, the coated glaze on. White on white does not give dramatic crackle finish. This gives a subtle distressed kitchen cabinets look. And your white distressed kitchen cabinets is finished now.

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