How To Build Free Standing Closet Systems

Feb 12th

Free Standing Closet Systems – Instructions to build free standing closet systems. Use chalk lines to highlight the outline of the cabinet on the floor. Measurement of the six trap, and at least 2 ½ feet deep. Mark leaves the measurement of the door on the floor a hole for the door. Add 2 ¼ inches to this measurement for drawing up the door. Cut the pieces of wood box at the base of the freestanding closet. Screw or bolt those pieces of wood on the floor. Structure of the two side walls and the rear of the cabinet on the floor and lift the walls into place. Another set of the wood of the by means of the same dimensions as the ground plate pieces cut. These two pieces will make the bottom and the top of each side wall.

Next steps to build free standing closet systems. Subtract 4 inches from the bottom two pieces of wood. And also two inches from the top wood piece a total of 6 inches from the total desired height of your freestanding closet. Wood studs on the measurement cut, and space them every 12 inches apart from the corners. While fill the wording of the front of the cabinet by cutting pieces of wood for the base. Then cutting more vertical wooden studs and cut the horizontal upper part of the facade. Moreover all the pieces together and lift each nail all in position. Nail or screw the ends together such that the corners of the cabinet. Every corner screwed with additional vertical wooden stud to reinforce the corner studs for support. Frame the doorway through your door measurements. Cut a horizontal piece for the head of the door and nail or screw it 82 inches above the floor. In addition Strengthening the head of the door with vertical pieces of wood that connect the door header base with the top of the cabinet detached.

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Next steps to build free standing closet systems. Plug in the roof of the detached unit cut the horizontal pieces of wood to adapt to support the top from the front. These pieces each 12-inch space, bolt through the articulation of the side and screw heavy metal hooks on each end and on each side of the wood studs. While cut pieces of sheet-rock from the walls and ceiling of the freestanding wardrobe. Transfer the measurements on the sheet-rock with a tape measure, pencil and straightedge, and scoring the lines with a utility knife. Bend the sheet-rock in half and cut through the support to separate the pieces. Later on line up the sheet-rock wall and screw into the wall studs. Applying strips of paper or joint tape to the seams and smooth them with a finishing coat of joint compound. Nail corner beads to each outer corner of the closet and a coat of joint compound over them mix them in the walls smooth. Place the door in the doorway framing nail into the wood studs and hang the door by screwing the plates of the hinge on the ridges in the door. Install the hardware of the door to the door and to the side of the door arrangement in front of the hinges. Then cut two pieces of timber, 15 to 18 inches long, for the hanger rod. Nail or screw them to the walls of the side of the cabinet at 62 inches from the floor. Cut one long pieces of timber with the aid of the measurement of the length of the closer in front of the shelves. While cut to install a strip of timber between the ends of the two hanger rod. The level at the two end pieces and nail to the rear wall. Afterward place the plank board on top. Later paint the walls of the interior and exterior of the cabinet.