Homemade Saddle Rack Ideas

Feb 11th

Saddle racks extend the life and protect the investment in a good saddle. Save a seat on the floor in a tack room or barn can damage it and cause it to become misshapen. Commercial saddle racks are available, but all with a small design capability can make a simple but sturdy and attractive rack cheaper.

Homemade saddle racks, Measure and cut two 31-1 / 2-inch lengths and two 25-1 / 2-inch lengths of 1 x 8 lumbers with a mechanical or hand saw. Measure and mark the center of one end of each of the 31-1 / 2 inch lengths of 1 x 8 lumber. In both plates, measuring down from the same edge in which the center was marked 2 inches on both sides and labeled. Draw angular lines from the 2-inch markings on both edges to the center mark on each table.  Measure and mark the ends without points, the centers of both 31-1 / 2-inch lengths of 1 x 8 lumber, 16 inches and 17 inches.

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Sand and lightly smooth the edges and flat surfaces all the pieces of wood with sandpaper in preparation for installation and completion of the saddle racks. Stand the two identified 31-1 / 2 inch 1 x 8 boards upright. Position 23-1 / 2 inch 1 x 4 board edge up, inside and centered on the two sets of holes drilled in the 1 x 8 boards. Place two 25-1 / 2 inch, 1 x 8 boards horizontally to the peaks of the two upright 1 x 8 boards, a board on each side of the items on the upright boards.  connect one 15-1 / 2 inches, 1 x 4 board section on the outside and centered at the bottom of each of the two upright 1 x 8 inch sections by means of two 1-1 / 2 inches on either wood screws inserted through the former drilled holes.