Homemade Shoe Closets

Feb 5th

Shoe closets – Shoes can make an outfit, but they can also make your home a mess. You can set them neatly side by side, but one errant footstep can destroy this organization in another. You can also hide them in a closet or under a bed, but that does rummaging through tight spaces to get the couple wanted. Shoe cabinets not only keep your shoes organized, they also ensure that your shoes are always within reach. Plus, you can build a cabinet yourself and keep costs low.

Homemade shoe closets, measure the space for your shoes. An unused nook next to your front door or right inside a large closet works well. Measure the width of the room, and plan to have the cabinet stop at about waist height. This should keep a lot of shoes. Draw a rectangle that matches your goals on your chipboard with a pencil and a carpenter’s square. Cut the rectangle out with your electric handsaw. Bring the saw through the board slowly, and keep your fingers out of the way of the blade.

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After that to homemade shoe closets, count how many shoes must be stored, and line them up to see how many you can fit the width of your table. In 2 feet of space, you may be able to fit about four pairs of shoes. If you have 20 pairs of shoes to save, five shelves in your cabinet. Then cut a 2-inch wide board and a 4-inch board for each of your shoe shelves. The plates must be 2 meters, 11 inches long, in this case. Run a bead of liquid nails over the edge of the 2-inch board. Press it into your board about 2 inches from the top of the board. Glue a 4-inch board about 2 inches below it.