How Should Wall Mounted Towel Rack?

Aug 11th

Hang a towel in your bathroom is a quick and inexpensive way to reshape the environment. The towel rails are not only decorative but offer a functional aspect to hang a towel single or multiple towels on the wall mounted towel rack. The racks hold the towels at an angle, allowing water to drain, reducing the chance of mold growth. The correct height of the towel depends on where are placed the towel. The towel racks generally come in two lengths: 60 cm and one shorter than 45 cm.

Towel Rack Walmart

For adult’s baths, heated wall mounted towel rack hangs approximately 1.2 m from the floor. Once you hang the towels on the rack, check the edge thereof. Towels should not be in contact with any surface, including floors, countertops bathroom or tub. For multiple towel racks, installed a bar at 1.2 m from the floor and hang a towel barrel.

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Because children are lower than adults, must place wall mounted towel rack at lower elevations in bathrooms designed for children. Place a towel to about 91 cm from the ground. Keep in mind the child’s height using the bathroom. For children less than 0.9 m, 91 cm could be very high and leave towels at a very far-reaching.