How To Build Firewood Rack

Jun 18th

How To Build Firewood Rack – Keeping a pile of wood from the ground helps to keep it dry. A wood rack can also be an aesthetic way to store firewood in the yard. Sure makes it safer to have around the farm because the sides of firewood racks will keep the wood from the tumbling of the pile.

Antique Firewood Rack
Antique Firewood Rack

To Building a firewood rack first measure the height of your firewood rack. Cut horizontally supports the length that you want to use wood racket to be. If you choose to make wooden rack 8 feet or longer, you must add the ribs at the top of the vertical 2 x 4 on top to make sure it can hold the weight of an 8-foot span of wood.

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Use a small piece of exercise to make pilot holes in the vertical ends at firewood rack. You want to make sure that you put the two screws at each end; the screws should be within 1 inch of edges where the vertical boards meet with horizontal boards. After the holes are drilled, apply wood glue, connect the horizontal and vertical joints and put in screws. Complete for all four sides. Cut the slices of depths of the wood rack. If your wooden rack is more than 5 feet long, cut four connectors, two on the bottom and two on the upper braces. You have to drill holes in the vertical 2 x 4 for these connections. Insert the screws for connections and test the robustness of firewood rack. If it seems pretty solid, it is OK to start stacking wood in it. If not, you should use top contacts to add to the strength of the rack.