How to Hang an Office Desk with Hutch

Feb 10th

Office desk with hutch – If you purchased one of two pieces desk hutch should hang the top, which usually involves the shelves of the hutch. The cabin has been incorporated into the supports that make it easy for you to hang mounting. However, given the weight of the cabin and the extra weight of the placement of items in the cabin, you must use the technique suitable fastener for securing cabin remains firmly attached to the wall. Otherwise, it could collapse.

Hang an office desk with hutch, Place a level on top of the cab and then place the cage on the wall where you plan to install. Make sure the deck level indicates the top level of the cabin rests on the wall. Mark the mounting holes in the cabinet to the wall with a pencil. Place the cabin aside for now. Drill holes at each location marked with a hand drill and a drill that matches the diameter of the drywall anchors you plan to use. Drill holes about 1 / deeper than the length of the drywall anchors 2-inches.

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To hang an office desk with hutch, Vacuum holes with a vacuum cleaner to remove gypsum waste holes. Insert wall anchors in the wall with a hammer. Stop when the rest anchors flush with the wall. Place the cabin on the anchors and align the mounting holes. Secure the cabinet to the wall with screws provided with anchor and a screwdriver.