How To Use Countertop Brackets

Jun 17th

How To Use Countertop Brackets – The installation of a raised or floating countertop specify where desired, the handy counter surface, without the need for the cabinets underneath. In this way, it is a space saver as well as an attractive addition to the room you is installing the countertop. The installation process is not difficult. You simply assemble the countertop support brackets to a solid support surface, such as a cabinet or wall studs, and then glue the countertop in place atop the mounted brackets. It should take less than an hour to complete about 24 hours before you can start enjoying your new elevated sink completely.

Wood Countertop Brackets
Wood Countertop Brackets

Countertop Brackets – what to watch

Check the thickness of the cabinet or on the wall where you plan to install the countertop brackets for the increased counter. For support please a carrier at least 3/4 inch thick needed. Place the brackets on the surface where you will install the kitchen sink. If the installation against an existing cabinet or countertop, place the end brackets a full foot from the ends of the counter. Check the height of the container when positioned as this indicates the bottom of the floating new countertop. Place a bracket up to every 30 centimeters apart, and mark the location of the holes in the brackets on the mounting surface with a pencil through the mounting holes. You want to use three hooks at a minimum, equal distance apart. Use a drill with a 1/8 inch bit and drill pilot holes at the marked locations, drilling of each hole about 1/2 centimeters deep.

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Make sure the countertop brackets are level using a spirit level, and then assemble them into place using lag bolts. Tighten the screws by hand with a wrench. Place the countertop surface of the brackets. Apply a bead of sealant over the edges of the supports against the underside of the table top and allow it to dry the sealing at the sink for 24 hours to take place.