My Collection in Cubby Shelves

Dec 13th

Cubby shelves -. Adjusting to dorm lifestyle can be a challenge for college students. Privacy is gone, and your personal space is limited, especially if you share your room with one or more colleagues. However, this does not mean you cannot live in a beautifully decorated space. Make those walls of concrete blocks feel at home, using various design techniques to decorate your dorm room. You will feel more at home if you create a space that is warm and inviting. Add color

Simple Cubby Shelves
Simple Cubby Shelves

Color is key when turning on that stark dorm room in a place you call home. Dorm rooms often offer little or no color – white walls and neutral furnishings. So it’s your job to add color to your room. The bedspread and colorful cushions can make your pop sleeping area. Keep your feet warm by placing a bright rug on the floor beside the bed. You do not want to bring expensive works of art pieces in her bedroom, but you can frame colorful posters and put them on the walls.

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Organized storage is limited in most dorm rooms, which can be challenging for a college student who comes to campus with a lot. The organization is fundamental in a dorm, and can serve as a design feature as well. Place cubby shelves above his desk, allowing you to store books or display family photos. Place the stackable cubes against the wall, and the cubbies that you used in elementary school to load up on snacks and school supplies. Personal touches can make your dorm room feel more like home. Cover a piece of cork in a fabric that coordinates with your quilt. You can set a schedule or images from home in colorful corkboard. Framed pictures also add a touch of home to your room, and you can put them on your desk or nightstand. If you have a favorite piece of his bedroom at home, like a lamp, bring it to your dorm room.

Your dorm room probably comes standard with the issue of school furniture such as a bed, table and set of drawers. If you have room, add a few small pieces of furniture for your dorm room to give it a unique touch. A bean bag chair is comfortable and easy to move and will not take up much space. The colorful Ottoman offering storage can serve double duty in your dorm room. A small set of cubby shelves can keep your well-organized school supplies.