Pallet Shelves, Simple and Fabulous

Sep 23rd

Few as simple and functional as today we bring hands project, this is nothing but a shelf or pallet shelves. We have said that simplicity of this project was one of his strengths; other was functionality that we can bring to our work, but let’s get to how to make this pallet rack.

Wood Pallet Shelves
Wood Pallet Shelves

Manufacture of pallet shelves is very simple, for it first thing we need and like any project where raw materials are pallets. In this case a standard European pallet size and are used to perform these two runners shelves or pallet feet were cut at both ends.

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Once this is done, we will give you an intense sanding to remove any splinters that could be generated in it and in case you want to give a finish with some flashy or as in our case color, achieve an aged just, this is perfect for this moment. Remember that whenever you want a more professional finish, it is advisable to give at least two passes of paint or varnish on our shelf.

Once finished with pallet shelves, and if our choice was to give a finish with some color or varnish, will be turn of our bookshelf place and install, for this we have several simple options and although this project was decision to reuse anchors rectangular base and cylindrical supports left over from a previous project, option of retaining brackets with a lag screws or good is very valid.

To do this we will use a level to completion and leveling our shelves are perfect and will place one above other, overlapping left of right skate on right side of left skate, giving a stepped design that fabulous looks.