Rolling Garment Rack Idea

Feb 7th

If you need a wardrobe, rolling garment rack is the right choice for you. Guests can leave the coats and bags in there, as well as spare parts. You can find a really simple design, but very functional. You can find two large rack for storing shoes at the bottom and in the upper part of the bag. Scarves and other accessories can be stored on the side. The entrance can be used for mobile clothes rack so you can move as needed. This is simple structure which is really straight forward.

You can find rolling garment rack that comes with two-wheel lock. It is very easy to assemble that you only have 15 minutes to do the job, with no tools required. Chrome steel shelves can be modified or customized according to your needs. It can also be used to put the bags, caps, and shoes are organized neatly and easily accessible. It has four poles and two racks that fit each other perfectly for home use.

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Rolling garment rack can be folded and locked when placed. It is advisable to arrange the daily wear clothes or the off-season. Based on the shelf, it can be used to store bags, shoes or clothing folded.