Where Ideal Place to a Locker Dresser

Feb 1st

Locker dresser – The main function of a dresser remains of course, that of storage. The most usual thing is to store in it everything relate to the table. In the purest traditional style: behind the doors the most colorful, the dishes and glassware. And in drawers, table linen, the cutlery. Of course if you’re going to spend on these matters. You should place it in the dining room, near the table. So you avoid having to be moving this heavy and / or materials sensitive over long distances saving you effort and possible accidents.

But you can monetize it even more by giving locker dresser other uses. For example, as an element to divide and separate the dining room and living. As it is short you will not reduce the visual width of the space. And you can also use the countertop as a mini-library or leave some decorations.

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You can also be of great help locker dresser in the kitchen. Next to the office or as support to the cabinets. Can you imagine the relief you would have on the counter if you use it to store all the mini appliances (blender, toaster, juicer …)? And why not put it in the hall and use it to store the shoes?